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Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
14 November 2015, 13:00,
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
The tweet about the military arm of the Amish was a joke. OF COURSE we know it was ISIS. It has always been my belief that Islam is the most pernicious religion around. There MAY be moderate Muslims but when push comes to shove, they are more committed to the House of Islam than they are to their host country.

Very Similar to the Roman Catholic community and the IRA in Northern Ireland. They would never give them up.

But I don't think the West will ever take on Islam. Its going to roll over in the name of equality and multiculturalism.
14 November 2015, 13:12, (This post was last modified: 14 November 2015, 13:18 by Devonian.)
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure that the British Muslim council once stated that less than 1% of muslims were extremists.

Less than 1%!!

The UK alone has around 3M muslins, so that's potentially 30,000 Islamic extremists (in the UK alone), even if you half it or less, that is still an vast number, especially when you consider that last nights attacks involved around 8 extremists.

(14 November 2015, 12:28)Sunna Wrote: I too am shocked at the uk just shrugging its shoulders over the 30 odd deaths at the beach I thought their would of been some sort of backlash.

but as on one of nr threads re brits trapped in debt on their home ,car ect and shit scaired they might lose their job so whatever it is just bury you head in the sand its someone elses problem.

Amazingly Francois Hollande has just described last nights attacks as "an act of war"..... really, but we've been at war with IS for well over a year, what does he expect, they will sit back and take whatever we throw at them??

It really is worrying when their Commander in Chief doesn't even realise that he was already at war!
14 November 2015, 13:39, (This post was last modified: 14 November 2015, 13:45 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
May I point out by linking RS and Devs posts together that for a few dozen IRA terrorists to cause devastation across Europe they had to have the full support and funding from THOUSANDS of Supporters, that was FACT produced by our govt, US govt and other agencies. so for every active terrorist lets say they need TEN supporters to fund them, feed them, transport them, shelter them etc.

OK so far? So lets say the 1% Muslim Council or 2 % UN or 3 % as Devonian suggests which equates to 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 combatant extremists, and each one has 10 supporters, funders, sympathisers....................... Ah I can see the look on your faces right now as the lights come on.

Dev we have been at war with Islam since the 7th century.

14 November 2015, 13:52,
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
(14 November 2015, 13:39)NorthernRaider Wrote: Dev we have been at war with Islam since the 7th century.


Peaks and troughs....
14 November 2015, 13:53, (This post was last modified: 14 November 2015, 14:14 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
BREAKING BBC reporting 12.50 AM Sat more gunfire and explosions EASTERN PARIS ( unconfirmed at this time)

French police are chasing 'four heavily armed people' in a Citroen that forced its way through a motorway toll road heading for Paris

14 November 2015, 15:20,
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
Just been viewing another forum and they wont allow any debate on this crisis !!!!!, How can NOT discussing risks, actions, options in avoiding becoming a victim of terrorism be anything but stupid? even the main stream media are discussing it openly today .. Hey ho each to their own ignorance is bliss so they say.

14 November 2015, 15:21,
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
This next is an excellent article - what do u think?
14 November 2015, 15:31,
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
Quite interesting and not to far from the truth, I think they would rather convert us all to Islam firstly, especially our preteen daughters, but failing that yes they want to exterminate the west, human rights, democracy, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of expression, absolute state control over health, education, media, employment etc. Gosh they are starting to sound like the labour party are they not.

14 November 2015, 15:31, (This post was last modified: 14 November 2015, 15:43 by River Song.)
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
@NR can you give some linx to discussion elsewhere?

No comment from scumbag Corbyn
14 November 2015, 15:52, (This post was last modified: 14 November 2015, 16:04 by NorthernRaider.)
RE: Automatic gunfire in Paris 9PM Fri
I don't know if P2S is discussing it, UKP doesn't allow it ( but they do a mean article on tactical jam making Smile only joking I respect there clear and concise moderation policy) , nothing on SB, dunno about bushcraft or Ludlow, a few US forums are discussing it, and E mail groups are chatting prudently about is, have not looked at Yahoo groups my current PC does seem to like Yahoo.

What I want is ideas, tips etc ( not recipes or knitting patterns, Smile stoppit NR ) on how to reduce the risk to us and our families especially for urban families and rural families who have members visiting cities. On one of the E mail groups they report that when the attacks happened the French stopped much of the public transport and cut off the mobile phone network for hours, a friend in SA is reporting his brother and his son were travelling from Brussels to Paris by bus, they missed the bus but ended up in a locked down western Europe.

So imagine our offspring or relatives leaving an event in London and finding the place locked down, no phones, no open hotels or bars, no buses, taxis, trams or trains, how do we plan for that.

Corbyn will be blaming the west and capitalism for the massacre, I expect the TUC to call a general strike in favour of ISIL

Much good comment and feedback in the Mail and Expresses comments sections, much rubbish but plenty of considered opinion


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