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Mods to my EDC jackets
15 November 2015, 14:28,
Mods to my EDC jackets
Mods to my EDC jackets

I've been playing around with my summer and winter EDC jackets to make them slightly more prepper friendly whilstretaining the civilian grey man effect.
I have two current EDC jackets one a simple Mountain Warehouse Soft shell the other a Dare2Be fleece lined soft shell.
I wanted to be able to carry and easily access more kit than can be comfortably or easily carried in the jackets pockets, and I wanted to jackets to be a bit more ...... erm....... urban practical or urban tactical for wanting of a better description. its all to easy to throw money at some fancy labled TACTICAL gear and either end up with something far to 'gung ho' or something STILL not quite what I wanted.
So I got the sewing kit out again.
Soft shell 1 the Mountain WH one, Cut off hood and retailored to make stiff fold up collar, I never liked hoods that cannot be pulled off especially if you are grabbed from behind by an agressor plus pulled up hoods reduce peripheral vision and sound that is never good for preppers , but if you must have one ensure its only attached with poppers. I removed bloody dreadful velcro cuff adjusters which only ever snag on everything and elasticated the cuffs.
I replaced the polyester draw cords from waist and hem and replaced only the hem with elasticated draw cord for convenience .
The jacket is black so I attached a few strips of 25mm nylon webbing to one side of the upper chest area to clip an microphone, caribiner or angle head flashlight with. I added similar strips to the upper parts of the inside of the jacket to be able to fasten or attach other items of kit out of sight of prying eyes.
I got the village seamstress to replace the cheap OE zippers with YKK branded zippers to improve reliability. I was briely tempted to overlay the zippers with a few gastex clips to better secure the jacket but thought better in the end because it would have been just not quite 'grey man' enough.
The Second jacket did not have a hood but the rest of the changes matched those of the first jacket.
Overall both jackets look pretty much bland, typical civvie outdoor coats but a fair bit more user friendly without screaming 'operator' or off duty squaddie.

Have YOU done any mods or improvements to your edc clothing that's worth sharing.

15 November 2015, 17:17,
RE: Mods to my EDC jackets
I used a permanent marker to colour in the reflective strips in my "bump" baseball cap and waterproof jacket. The permanent marker wore off. I swapped my bootlaces for stronger, thicker types, and I added Sorbothane insoles, which make boots more comfortable on a long trek.

I recently bought some ex-MOD police trousers, black ripstop nylon, great quality zips and buttons as you'd expect, very useful side and leg pockets, plus bonus truncheon pocket that holds a hammer well. No mods needed, although admittedly they don't look very "grey man".
15 November 2015, 17:21,
RE: Mods to my EDC jackets
Good tips Steve, we don't give anything like enough consideration to our feet in SHTF situs where we could be walking far greater distances than we normally do.

15 November 2015, 17:51,
RE: Mods to my EDC jackets
My EDC jacket in summer is a lightweight canvas tradesman's work jacket which has a variety of leather-lined pockets intended for carrying nails, screws or other fasteners, and having a variety of pockets and tool loops to carry utility knife, framing hammer, pliers, scissors, wire cutters and the like. It is well worn and has acquired sort of a patina over the years and nobody notices.

For fall and winter I have a dressier version from the same company, Duluth Trading, they call their Presentation Jacket.
This looks like a casual office sport coat, but has a similar variety of inside pockets, zippered enclosures and tool loops.
All of my EDC gear including pistol, lockblade knife and collapsible baton and all carry without obvious "printing."

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia
15 November 2015, 18:37,
RE: Mods to my EDC jackets
Always handy those jackets Charles, my late friend John in KS swore by them, I don't think I have even seen them over here though.


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