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lock breaking lightsaber
20 November 2015, 23:07,
lock breaking lightsaber
Now this is cool:

Wonder how long it'll be before the crims get this? If it's being given to first responders then probably not long...

I want one!!
PLEASE NOTE: The post above contains no truths. It's all bullshit scavenged from the darkest corners of a lunatic mind. Dribble dribble dribble. Woof woof woof.
21 November 2015, 00:25,
RE: lock breaking lightsaber
That is cool ,I want one of them ,not sure wot for ,but it's shiny and burns stuff
just read alas Babylon ,so im going to get more salt!!!!
21 November 2015, 09:10,
RE: lock breaking lightsaber
yes very cool and very handy...... cost and cops.
ie cops will soon make having one against the law , cost ....? bet their not cheap.

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