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was it worth it
24 December 2015, 12:46,
was it worth it
the british and American forces have left Afghanistan for only a short while and the Taliban are taking control again.

how many brits died out their or came back wounded ether mentaly or phisicily , the same for us forces.
is it now time for the uk to step back from being the worlds policeman and let the usa get on with it.

was the afghan war worth it and who realy benefited from it.
Survive the jive (youtube )
24 December 2015, 13:44,
RE: was it worth it
everyone with half a brain KNEW that as soon as the Allies left the Taliban would move right back in again!!
24 December 2015, 17:04,
RE: was it worth it
NO !.....we have no forces anyway.....the latest is because of gov cut backs our boys have know been forced to use pretend rifles made from pallet wood and shout rat a tat tat and grenades ....round bits of wood are thrown followed by a BANG or BOOM the trouble is no one has told the supposed enemy who still use AK 47s ...and " touch " no longer works

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