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30 December 2015, 20:07,
RE: amazed
Yep, sharpen my own knives. I have various things to do it with - depending on the blade. Favourite is a vicious little carbon steel knife that gets REALLY sharp. Love it to bits!
When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.
30 December 2015, 20:43,
RE: amazed
Knife sharpening for the widow ladies has always been a great bartering opportunity. I typically bring a toolbox with my Lansky sharpening jig, various stones and honing oil, and make an appointment ahead. We listen to classical music, solve the world's problems and have tea while I touch up the knifes. If clevers, etc. need more work I take them home to do and bring back the following week. Touching up the kitchen knives is always good for afternoon tea and a box of freshly picked veggies from the garden. A major regrind of a cleaver of French Chief's knife is good for a home cooked supper or pot of hot soup to take home.

My Mum passed away at age 96 some years ago and I have a soft spot for gray haired ladies with a gift for gardening or baking. One of my best friends met in this way, after several visits asked, "I have something else which needs proper cleaning and oiling. I have not touched it since my husband died" and she brings out a Colt Official Police 4" blued .38 Special revolver! So yes, I took it home, gave it a full detailed inspection and cleaning and brought her back a fresh box of ammunition.

She said, "Just lovely! Do you do shotguns?" and she brought out an Ithaca Model 37 police riot gun.

I said, "I would be pleased to check this for you too, but this gets too far out of hand, you must assure me that you don't have a Thompson or STEN hidden away somewhere...."

"No, but there is my Remington .22 rifle, but I know how to deal with that and use it to shoot foxes coming after my hens!"

American rural self reliance is wonderful.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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