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11 March 2016, 22:57,

Anyone had any experience of these? Would be interested in your views.
11 March 2016, 23:45,
Think there was a thread on this a few weeks back , but attached to a wood burning camping stove , seems a lot of money to me, you could get a solar set up for a lot less, in that thread i think T Oddity said you could buy some device for a lot less.

Can,t remember the name of the thread.....but i bet someone will know and tell you Aguy.
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12 March 2016, 11:39,
This units are very expensive. Best if you calculate what you really need from electrickery and make sure you have a solar system that supports that. You will be surprised what you really need when you just get down to the essentials. Note that cooking, heating and lights are not what you really need. Once you remove them your power requirements are minimal.
Skean Dhude
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13 March 2016, 08:40,
The stoves that you can buy off the shelf are very expensive for what they are, to give you an idea here is a link for the actual generating component.

If you fancy having a little generator of this kind there are loads of diy instructable stuff on the web, I've not had a go at doing this myself looked into them when I first came across them and decided that it wasn't worth the cost or the effort as I've got a basic solar set up for off grid power. Also the thermoelectric generator can burn out if you are not carefull and get it too hot

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