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perfect storage
6 April 2016, 11:08,
Thumbs Up  perfect storage
what perfect way to store water and food?
6 April 2016, 14:48,
RE: perfect storage
Water doesn't seem to be a problem to store but not sure if we need to store much in the UK. Just make sure you can process it.

Food though seems to go off as soon as you start processing it and the more processing the quicker it seems to go off. Nature is best so you are best keeping your food on the hoof or in the soil as well. However, in saying that I have lots of tins of foodstuffs and dried food such as pasta. In general cool places, little light and protected from little teeth is a general storage requirement.

Anything in particular you are thinking about?
Skean Dhude
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6 April 2016, 15:47,
RE: perfect storage
Dried, Dehydrated, Tinned store in cool dry dark places away from insects, humidity or heat, Pickles and [reserves out of the light in cool cupboard, Get dehydrated water Smile
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6 April 2016, 16:11,
RE: perfect storage

Be sure to us food grade containers, and if second hand be certain what was in them before you got them.

Keep plastic containers away from direct contact with concrete floors

Remember water is bloody heavy. A one meter cube of it weighs literally a ton. So don't be tempted to store lads of it in the loft.

Of course as NR said dehydrated water is the answer as its much lighter and folds down to easily concealed packets.
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12 April 2016, 10:20,
RE: perfect storage
thanks very much

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