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Survival trip to Forest of Dean!
4 June 2017, 19:25,
RE: Survival trip to Forest of Dean!
thats funny
16 August 2018, 07:34,
RE: Survival trip to Forest of Dean!
(12 April 2017, 03:36)Mortblanc Wrote: If you note the date and the number of posts you might conclude that the poor soul died out there and never made it back to do another post or report on his "fun"!

Be careful out there, there are things that go bump in the night and folks are never seen again!

Dude, are you serious or joking? And is it really (I mean, legally) illegal to camp there? A couple of my friends are planning to go camping there.
29 August 2018, 11:24,
RE: Survival trip to Forest of Dean!
Its essentially unlawful to camp in the FOD, a lot of Rangers there who will move you on.

There are wild Boar and Deer there however you can't chase them.

Your most logical option is to join a bushcraft discussion and get along to camps and meet individuals. Many have authorization to chase and trap any semblance of Rabbit and to search on private land and you'll enhance your range of abilities.

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