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Foundation Licence
10 June 2017, 10:16,
RE: Foundation Licence
Great stuff MM. That's a great rig.

Re Antenna: If you are contemplating antennas at your home, keep opsec in mind, and avoid drawing too much attention. An end-fed-half-wave mounted high and fed through an un-un is a good, low cost, easy, and covert way to go.

For portable, for years I've used a 1/2-sized version of the famous English designed G5RV doublet supported by a 5m telescopic glass-fiber fishing pole. It gives results on 10m/20m/40m bands, is light to carry and easy to set-up.

Another portable solution that works well is this:
A foundation licensed friend of mine uses one mainly on 20m for portable attaching it to seaside railings with a modified clamp and a couple of telescopic tradesman rulers as ground-planes. I've personally achieved contacts to Australia, USA, Taiwan and Falklands...all on SSB within the 10w power limit.

As you set up your station, discussion here might prove useful and motivating to others who are looking to get their coms sorted.
72 de



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