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Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
29 September 2016, 15:36,
Exclamation  Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
These transformers are NOT made in the US and require months to replace!

St George News
News short: $50,000 reward offered for capture of power transformer shooter
Written by Ric Wayman September 28, 2016

ST. GEORGE — Garkane Power in Kane County announced Wednesday they are offering a reward of $50,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons responsible for vandalizing a power transformer station by shooting a high-powered rifle at it.

ST. GEORGE – An act of vandalism knocked out electricity to thousands of residents of Kane and Garfield counties for more than seven hours Sunday afternoon.

Garkane Energy’s southern system went down at approximately 12:40 p.m. after someone shot a main transformer several times with a high-powered rifle. The affected area included Kanab, Big Water, Orderville, Glendale, Hatch and other small neighboring towns.

Power was restored at approximately 8 p.m. after Garkane installed a portable substation.

Crews were able to quickly install the replacement to reduce outage time and get power restored before dark.

Because of the extensive damage to the main transformer, repairs will be ongoing for the next 12 months, the statement said.

Company officials are working with local police and possibly federal authorities to find the person or persons responsible for the incident.

“This is a very serious criminal offense that will bring a severe punishment to those found guilty,” Garkane officials said in a statement.

“Garkane wishes to reiterate the serious nature of this type of criminal offense. Any sort of vandalism made to electricity equipment is considered a criminal offense and is punishable by law,” the statement said.

There are two ways to submit an anonymous tip to authorities.

A tipster could text an anonymous text service, or submit an anonymous e-mail. A phone line is also available, but anonymity might not be available.
If at first you don't secede, try, try again!
29 September 2016, 17:58,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
I very much agree Jonas ....thing is us old buggers know how THEY work and as time go's by most ALL people will also realise what's going on in reality .....what's your take Harry ?
Where were you going ? ....when I seen you coming back ?
30 September 2016, 09:54,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
Shows how easy it is to bring havoc to many people.

I was reading up recently on the RAF/USAF bombing of Germany in WW2, blanket bombing cities and loosing a lot of air crew and civvies in the process. A modern analyst simply could not understand why we simply did not bomb the crap out of the German power plants which would have bought industry to a halt quicker and more cheaply.
1 October 2016, 21:00,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?

Some of the most daring air strikes of the war were against the power grid and generating facilities.

Fortunately, the above links refer to an action that took place in Utah, and since almost no one lives there it will make only small ripples in the puddle.

If a few rifle shots will do this imagine what one could do it they were really trying. It appears to me as though most of the modern terrorists are going for sensation rather than function.

I have often wondered why the many huge substations that serve millions are not at least protected by a berm being thrown up around them and presence of a guard. It might justify the purchase of millions of rounds of ammunition by the Federal Energy Administration if a guard were present.
2 October 2016, 08:31,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
I do read history and they did not concentrate enough on power generation, now be a nice poppit MB, its Sunday and bacon is calling Smile
2 October 2016, 19:52,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
Yep they ( the geeermans) did bomb the power station 5 miles from where i sit and many coal mines one of which was less than 1 mile away....whilst clearing some waste from that mine they dug out a five hundred pound bomb , this was put on display at the local ambulance hall.....1 penny for a look...quite a few houses we blow up in the villages locally....there were plenty of batteries of akak on both mountains covering four valleys .....even dog fights were seen around here.....funny because on the limits of the range of bombers and fighters zay did try bombenzee the shithousen out of us Welsh.

My father told us a story of the home guard....out on patrol one night they hear a sound near the engine house (train ) head guy shouts " who go's there" reply....."who go's there" they hear a cough...."who go's there we will fire!" a rustle in the bushes as it made off ....FIRE ! they let both barrels fly.........mutton for eight families was the result .
Where were you going ? ....when I seen you coming back ?
2 October 2016, 20:58,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
The grid before and during WW2 was not what it is now and most rural areas did not have electricity. Even in the UK rural areas were without grid and farms ran on generator power if they had electricity.

Even in the U.S. many areas outside the urban sector were not on grid power until the 1950s. When I was growing up I had many relatives who were living where power had not reached and they were only 20-30 miles outside urban areas.

The result was that power stations were centered on urban/industrial needs and if the city was fire bombed to ashes, as most major German cities were, the Allies were not concerned with lighting for houses that did not exist. By the end of the war there were few German towns of any size that had not been hit by Allied bombs.

The bombing of the generation facilities that serviced industry, and that industry, were the primary concern.

You folks came up with some nice "blockbuster bombs" that had the sole intent of destroying the damns of hydroelectric stations. 2,000 pound goodies if I remember correctly, that sunk to the base of the damn and cracked them like an egg.

You also sent agents in, and used resistance groups, to sabotage power, communications ad transport grids using conventional explosives.
2 October 2016, 22:03,
RE: Trial Attack on US Power Grid?
The largest conventional bomb used by the Allies during WW2 was the Grand Slam, a 22,000 pounder which after release from the Avro Lancaster B. Mk 1 2 would approach 320 m/s, 715 mph terminal velocity before impact, penetrating deep underground before detonating. The resulting explosion could cause the formation of a camouflet (cavern) and shift the ground to undermine a target's foundation. Grand Slam was originally designed to penetrate concrete roofs and was more effective against hardened targets than any existing bomb.

By the end of the war, 42 Grand Slams had been dropped on active service.

Five complete Grand Slam bombs are preserved and displayed in the United Kingdom at the RAF Museum, London; Brooklands Museum; RAF Lossiemouth; Dumfries and Galloway Aviation Museum and the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Visitors' Centre at RAF Coningsby. Main portions of these bombs, without their lightweight tails, can be seen at the Kelham Island Museum in Sheffield and Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington.

A T-14 bomb (American-made variant) is displayed at the Air Force Armament Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB in the United States.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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