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Using the weather to aquire game.
16 March 2017, 23:21,
Using the weather to aquire game.
when I was a kid we lived in a village in the shadow of the downs in Wiltshire.
An old codger call Pop Jardine taught me to forage for game when there was either an early morning heavy mist or fog.
We'd go out on bikes to cycle up onto the downs,the road we took was sunken between banks that were about 12 foot high and eah side had a stock fence along the top.
What used to happen is that pheasants would fly low when it was foggy and hit the fences.
So we would look out for feathers on the fences or banks and search the area around to get the birds,if we were lucky we got them before the foxes,but not always.
The best we did was 5 in one day,over about 1.5 miles on two different roads.
But it only worked on a thick misty or foggy morning just after dawn.
17 March 2017, 00:08,
RE: Using the weather to aquire game.
Is that the bicycle equivalent of picking up road kill ?
17 March 2017, 12:31,
RE: Using the weather to aquire game.
Good....old knowledge Phil and worth knowing ....thanks !
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
18 March 2017, 22:00,
RE: Using the weather to aquire game.
MB they never got to the road we'd usually find them in the field alongside the road.
I also remember being out with the family for a Sunday walk on the downs and we found a pheasant that had hit a fence, it tried to run but was quickly caught be our dog.
it had a long cut to its breast which we assumed was why it hadn't attempted to fly off.
19 March 2017, 19:56,
RE: Using the weather to aquire game.
That does not happen with any consistency in my environment. The fields are too big and the game birds almost extinct due to the huge numbers of coyotes in our area.

It is great that you have that option.

I do have a large lake close by and I watch the pressure cycles and temps for the best times to go fishing. Hunting is much the same.

Game is more lively and moves more during high pressure cycles. Low pressure with the accompanying winds and rain keeps them bedded down in their hiding spots.

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