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North face Mountaineering Arctic one piece
29 June 2017, 08:55,
North face Mountaineering Arctic one piece
I mentioned in a recent post that I suspect a n acquaintance to be a prepper of sorts.

Anyway, he purchased a full-on arctic survival one-piece overall (for want of a better word) for an Himalayan expedition that never happened.

This thing is North Face brand, made to an excellent quality of rip-stop nylon, reinforced patches for knees elbows etc, and has insulation that is declared rated to -30C ( which I can believe as I've lived with similarly cold temperatures from time to time). Closures are waterproof zips overlayed by Velcro fastenings. Colour Orange . I'm 6'2" and its about right, maybe a little large on me.

It's at least 4 sizes too big for him and he's looking to move it on.
The ticket price on it is around £700 EEK!

Maybe of interest to someone on here, if so PM me for more details or to make an offer.
72 de



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