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Wilderness Living Part One.
21 July 2017, 01:56,
Video  Wilderness Living Part One.
I will only post part one of this series to see if anyone is interested. If I get encouraging feedback, then I will post the rest of the series.
Regards, Keith.

Not sure if these videos are supposed to show on this forum or just show the link. Would appreciate someone letting me know about this.
Thank you.
Do not try to understand them, and do not try to make them understand you; for they are a breed apart and make no sense. Natty Bumpo, Last Of The Mohicans.
25 October 2017, 08:15,
RE: Wilderness Living Part One.
This is a great video, man! I'll be checking out your other videos as well.
5 September 2018, 13:46,
RE: Wilderness Living Part One.
I like this type of trip with someone mine like my girlfriend, and dream to enjoy hunting, walking, searching food and cook food and after day in night we both do some romance in our camp.

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