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1 November 2017, 21:38,
RE: Recovering
Well done MB ......that is huge!
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
2 November 2017, 13:40,
RE: Recovering
We talk about SHTF and general emergencies and what to do and how to eat and coping with the sudden changes in lifestyle they would bring ll the time.

Seldom do we consider a problem like this a SHTF event, but for the individual it is.

A medical professional looks at you and says that if you do not change your diet, behavior patterns and lifestyle you are going to die an agonizing death, and it will not take very long.

There are people that can not do just exactly that, and they die of diabetes, heart failure, aids or any number of preventable deaths.

In my case it was a simple and un-heroic cat of cutting out icecream and other sugar products from my diet as well as the starches such as bread, pasta, and potatoes and taking two pills each day.

But it is amazing what a change in lifestyle that is! Basically, I can not eat about 3/4 of the foods available on the shelves of the average food store !

Almost the same as a SHTF lifestyle, living on meat from trapping and snaring, fish from the lake and greens and green vegetables gathered or grown.

I believe I have become one of the major consumers of lettuce in the U.S. as well as oil and vinegar dressing.

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