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Latest UK emergency
28 June 2018, 17:17,
Latest UK emergency
Isn’t it just typical, we have a mini heat wave and at the same time there’s a shortage of carbon dioxide, consequently there are difficulties with soft drinks production.

This minor problem is insignificant, the real tragedy is the pubs are running out of gas to pump beer.

At the moment there is no rioting as the sheeple are watching the football world cup, let’s hope things get back to normal soon.
29 June 2018, 11:09,
RE: Latest UK emergency
First world problems.
Skean Dhude
It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. - Charles Darwin
29 June 2018, 16:10,
RE: Latest UK emergency
And here I was thinking all the mad scientists were promoting the presence of too much CO2 as the world's greatest problem and the probable end of mankind!

I read in one of the European news reports that this shortage is almost over and production has resumed, as if there were only one facility in Europe producing this gas.

I believe that it will be discovered that the CO2 shortage is the result of some EU regulation.

The logical solution to this problem, switch to whisky.
29 June 2018, 16:38,
RE: Latest UK emergency
There are five producers in the UK .....only two are in production right now....all the others start production next week according to a news report today they sighted annual maintenance of facilities .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
29 June 2018, 21:46,
RE: Latest UK emergency
I never thought about this too much but it makes me wonder how the "make" CO2.

Do you put 50 fat guys on a treadmill and make them run while breathing into a tube, then collect their bad breath and pressurize it?

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