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EDC/GHB latest addition
6 August 2018, 19:38,
RE: EDC/GHB latest addition
Thank you both for your advice about the tent.

The vango force ten is a brilliant tent, I’ve seen photos of them being used at Everest base camp, and as you say it would be a shame to mess it about.

I will take your advice and if i need to hide it will use a tarp.
7 August 2018, 12:49,
RE: EDC/GHB latest addition
Pete, I know that tent, my friend has one. We did some early spring camping in April. My tent is a dome type and really only a summer tent but I adapted it with an extra reinforced ground sheet but it was flapping around quite a bit in the wind. The Force Ten however was rock solid, hardly any movement.
7 August 2018, 15:06,
RE: EDC/GHB latest addition
In later years the son mostly used the tent (as a scout leader).

Best time to erect eight minutes, in the dark on a windy and rainy night, pitch fly sheet first then the inner (keeps inner dry) in bad weather.

As you say rock solid when pegged out, i made up storm guys but they were never needed.

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