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Bear Wisdom
15 August 2018, 21:09,
Bear Wisdom
We have black bears here in West Virginia and they are common nuisance visitors when neighbors leave out dog food or bird seed. We have trained neighbor's Jack Russell terrier to chase the bear and try to grab its testicles. If he comes home with a bloody muzzle yapping happily he gets doggie treats....

A story forwarded by a friend in the Rocky Mountain West:

A young grizzly bear has been raiding chicken coops and chasing sheep in North Idaho... Crystal Kearl lives on 10 acres of land about 2 miles south of Silverwood. On Sunday a neighbor told her a bear was in the area. Kearl assumed the neighbor meant a black bear... Instead it was a young grizzly. Kearl and her husband stepped onto their porch and took several videos of the bear. The bear tried to get into Kearl’s chicken coop but was distracted by the garden sprinkler. It spent several minutes playing with the sprinkler.

Kearl’s husband fired a warning shot with his shotgun, but the bear didn’t flinch.
What finally scared the bear off, Kearl said, was when her son clapped repeatedly and loudly... (It's well known that brown bears – on both sides of the US-Canada border – actually are attracted by the sound of gunfire because they associate it with gut piles – left by hunters – to eat. My friend in Italy reports the same experience with wolves.)

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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