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GPS Jamming?
16 July 2019, 01:20,
GPS Jamming?
I don't know how reliable this source is, just seen it and thought it might stimulate a conversation. Any thoughts?
16 July 2019, 10:40,
RE: GPS Jamming?
When the Russians neutralized that US ship , or reported to have done so I should say ….that rang some alarm bells the Russian fighters did what they wanted , the US war ship could not respond to counter the threat presented ? or a bluff by the yanks to make out they were powerless by this tech the Russians appear to have...……...there again the US can take over aircraft by remote control and force them to go swimming ? who knows ! As the guy points out ! get yourselves maps of where you are and where you intend to go, ordinance survey maps are more detailed , and are more relevant to preppers / survivalists , in previous threads and posts NR gave some really good pointers on how to mark up (points of interest) on his maps …….water and food sources, farms , fuel supplies , BO alternative routes ….in fact any bloody thing for him to prevail .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
16 July 2019, 20:19,
RE: GPS Jamming?
SS, yes he did post some good stuff, your reminder has prompted me to read through some of it again and from the files section.
I think the crux of the Iran situation is tptb want complete control of that region and Iran, Syria, and Russian allies are in the way. One way or another there will likely be conflict. I only hope that it will be limited if there is.
16 July 2019, 20:27,
RE: GPS Jamming?
As i posted at the time, at the November 2018 Scandanavian Nato exercise “Trident Juncture” GPS was jammed, as was radar, by Russia.

Civil and Military ships and planes were affected, interference seems par for the course these days when a major exercise takes place.

At the time the Kremlin said they were supplying the Assad regime with “advanced jamming technology, capable of disrupting airborne radar, aircraft communication and satellite navigation used by fighters and drones”. It doesn’t seem to have done Assad any good so i don’t think we need to worry to much.

Obviously the military are aware of the problems and will be working on countermeasures, and no doubt similar jamming technology.

As preppers, especially with our limited navigation needs, for everyday use GPS is useful but not essential.

As SS said get some Ordnance Survey maps of your area and a good compass, a set of these should already be in every bag and every vehicle, and learn to use them.
6 November 2019, 21:58,
RE: GPS Jamming?
(16 July 2019, 20:27)Pete Grey Wrote: i don’t think we need to worry to much.

After further reading i now know better.

Because GPS signals are from satellites and travel thousands of miles though space the signals are very weak and receivers can be spoofed by being fed stronger inaccurate signals, as in Siria, and also as reported (27th June) at Israel’s Ben Gurion airport. And as we all know the satellites are also vulnerable to attack. There seems to be no easy answer.
7 November 2019, 16:43,
RE: GPS Jamming?
That is why I got lost in the Mississippi backwoods cotton fields last month!

The Ruskies were jamming my Tom-Tom.

Cotton as far as the eye could see and only an occasional parked tractor for a landmark, I thought I was going to have to get out my survival gear and build a new world right there.

Then I thought,,,NO! Not in Mississippi!

Fortunately I remembered that I could press "Home" and the Tom-Tom would get me out of there.

But hey, our radio signals bounce off those satellites, so do our TV and internet signals. We get paid services, weather reports, the latest news from Mars and all sorts of data bouncing around up there so even though jamming is a possibility there is that old adage that "everyone is doing it" and everyone is trying to prevent it also.

As for the Soviets?? They could not even keep Radio Free Europe blocked at their border.

And if they have access to all this good "blocking tech" why can't they keep the spam from Nigeria, India and Indonesia out of my E-mail?
7 November 2019, 20:55,
RE: GPS Jamming?
At least the Russkies can’t jam a magnetic compass, no doubt there’s one in each of your vehicles.

As for blocking spam EMP is probably the only way, so i think we are better off with the crap emails we’re bombarded with.

Do you now get on better with the confederates ? it’s been a long time.

I should really know better than discuss American history with you MB.
9 November 2019, 16:46,
RE: GPS Jamming?
"Do you now get on better with the confederates ? it’s been a long time."

I AM the Confederates!

And that war ain't over yet!

Success during the battle phase just gave the Government the impression that it could treat the individual states as colonial possessions.

We all know how badly the U.S. does with long term occupations of conquered territory.

Our present political system is the ongoing battle between a state wanting unlimited power and a part of the population that still believes in the tenants of the Constitution which limit that power.
9 November 2019, 20:48,
RE: GPS Jamming?
I thought that business was over in 1865.

I now know the confederates were just lulling the north into a false sense of security.

I await the conclusion with interest.
10 November 2019, 19:34,
RE: GPS Jamming?
The complete destruction of a national economy and social structure does not occur in the split second a paper is signed.

That is especially true when it occurred during the era when the side that lost a war was expected to pay for it, and to the victor went the spoils. No one reads about the punitive measures taken toward the governments and individuals in the south after the war.

The north did not come into the south with a "Marshal Plan" to help rebuild the society or economy. The hatred they built up during the War has lasted in the social subconscious until now, and is allowed under the banner of political correctness.

When you drive around north of the Ohio River you still see bumper stickers reading "You lost! Get over it!" with a Confederate flag carrying an X over it. You are allowed to protest a flag that was defeated 150 years ago, but not allowed to display that flag for fear of being called a "raciest".

My own father was a "person of northern origin" that came to the southern states to seek his fortune, and he hated the southern social structure, the tight family structures, and the veneration of a separate history, until the day he died.

The Civil war was our effort at a "Brixit". Like everything else our government does, if they think they win they win forever, if they lose it is only until the next try.

Our present "crisis" over here is between the faction that wishes to exert cradle to grave control and the faction that desires individual freedoms as spelled out by our constitution. That was what our Civil War was about, but the dark cloud of the existence of slavery has obscured that fact. Most of the fighters from the south during the Civil War did not own a single slave and never expected to won one. They were simply fighting an invading army that was destroying their homes.

I think I have said here before, that every major social issue that faces my government right now can be traced back to an origin during our Civil War.

When the fighting stopped the problems had just begun.

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