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Been working on my coms
4 September 2019, 19:05,
Been working on my coms
I really have neglected my preps for quite some time.
But I have already 're found interest in my radio com prep. Recently did a deal for a silent key bulk buy of radio equipment ,several sets of swaged alloy poles ground stakes guy ropes ,antennas for uhf ,hf including several mobile antennas,radios and linear amps spares you name it

Taken me weeks to go through the lot to either refurbish ,improve and test the equipment .
It's just too easy to accept someone's word it all works and give it a quick wipe over and put away.

That would be a mistake and even this gear had several faults mostly poor soldering cutting corners and not considering longevity of the items. Radios with loads of fluffy dust on boards,psu same ,crackling switches,broken wires .
Well it's kept me interested and provided me with several more sets and uhf vhf antennas for base and mobile to give us wider choice and if it comes to it trade if needed .

It still amazes me when I chat to like minded people just how many still have no com equipment .

For sseveral months I have enjoyed joining in on the cb weekly monthly nets too ,am ,fm ssb nets around the country including all regions net months back
These are becoming more popular and these nets will likely be a source of info exchange in post shtf as tbey won't rely on net or mains power.
Stay safe peeps
5 September 2019, 13:25,
RE: Been working on my coms
"Like minded" people with no coms are of the opinion that all coms do is make noise and tell them where you are at!

There are precious few I wish to communicate with now, much less post SHTF.
5 September 2019, 15:21,
RE: Been working on my coms
This is true, if you transmit on a regular frequencey regular time it's possible to track you although this will take quite some time .
Been their and done that.
Much like firearms their heard from great distances and will attract those in search of them and you.

Both may require sensible use only at the right time.but have value
5 September 2019, 16:01,
RE: Been working on my coms
Although I have coms , its there to monitor traffic ! local and otherwise …...useful to find out what is going on when tshtf .
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
7 September 2019, 00:07,
RE: Been working on my coms
My communication needs are very similar to those of SS.

Everyone needs to know what’s going on after an event both nationally and locally.

The internet is now so useful for developing news but is vulnerable so we may not have it when we need it most, but it can give early warnings.

So we have two good multi band radios for national and international news, (we will need to listen to foreign stations as TPTB may censor news).

For local information we have CB, ham radio is out of our league, but i may get a baofeng uv-5r to use as a scanner.

We have two sets of walkie-talkies, a very old binotone set and a pair of motorola T60s for communication between two vehicles or between a scouting/foraging trip and base (home, BOV or BOL).

This is for just the two of us, relatives are to far away, and i don’t know of any other preppers in this area.

An extended group or family possibly spread over a few miles will need to know when and where to meet up, or where to BO to, and will need the best coms they can get, probably baofengs and as more experienced members have said in previous posts, they will have to train in their use before an event.
7 September 2019, 07:44,
RE: Been working on my coms training i mean everyone familiarising themselves with the radios.
7 September 2019, 16:25,
RE: Been working on my coms
Agreed, being competent in the safe set up ,use or maintenance even if basic is v important.
Have been using radio since 70s of all manner and even now if theirs a radio I havnt used in a long time I often have to think how the hec do I use the thing.getting the better half to use some is very difficult but she and the kids use basic radios cb and multimode ssb sets well.
I am a old school Radio lover but do have modern equipment too .

Plenty of info 're the uv5 which still are a dam good radio with a few basics mods and unless you plan to set the radio up and not use it as is quite simple too. It's is one radio that still has cheap accessories although some need simple mods.
I don't recommend the ear phones or hand mics because of potential damage they can cause to board inside as inserting pins can break them rendering audio on net of fault and repair.

AA battery boxes are great and cheap but need a simple safety mod to stop potential shorting. Simple to mod for 12v charging and use too with tiny voltage reducer .
Retevis antenna 771 I think but can confirm if interested latter work v well and most are genuine not cheap clones still.

Tiger tail or counterpoise wire attached to belt clip screw give good improvements too.short length wire 19.50".

The standard battery if not charged or used May last 2/3 years in factory shelf state .mine all have although I test voltage regular.I use a AA battery box for now and preserve the original.

The tri power versions do pack a little extra punch over 5 watt version so worth considering.

Vhf 2m has quite a good range too ,get up high it's dam good.
But it is v important to get familiar with the setting up,use,frequencies tips tricks spares ,coax choices even considerations for stealth antennas and chatting.

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