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The car
23 July 2020, 21:54,
RE: The car
Back in the '90s I was teaching at a school were one of my Co workers had a Ford Thunderbird with a 3L V6.

I drove, at that time, a Ford Ranger pickup with the same exact 3L V6

The president of the institution drove a Jag with the exact same 3L V6.

My truck made 150HP and got 25MPG (US 4 qt gallons)
My coworker's Thunderbird made 225 HP and got 35 MPG
The bosses Jag made 350HP and got 30MPG

My truck got 25mpg because the government regulation said that a pickup had to get at least 25 mpg.

My co worker got their mileage for the same reason. The government regulation said that a passenger car of a certain weight had to get a specific mileage minimum.

Every part in those engines was interchangeable, except the computer control modules. By modules I mean that particular engine had 5 different, separate electronic control systems. All of them had to interface before the things would run.

Yep, it's a farce.
24 July 2020, 21:08,
RE: The car
MB That’s interesting about the V6, did they lower the compression ratio for the pickup so it would run on a lower octane gasoline ?.
25 July 2020, 02:57,
RE: The car
The pickups are normally detuned and optimized for low-end torque and not for highway gas economy or top-end speed.

But I can tell you that when you have the heavied-up Ford Explorer SUV with the US police intercept package it has the same computer chip in it as the Jag, with 4-wheel antilock disk brakes and a computerized suspension which enables you to take Interstate exit ramps in a full 4-wheel drift at 200 km/h without rolling the vehicle over. Of course it also has specialty tyres and rims which enable it to perform miracles which James Bond would have expected from his Austin-Martin.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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