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The car
10 November 2020, 22:13,
RE: The car
Tyre problems solved, car failed mot partially due to cut on one tyre, strangely on the inside ???, must have been a piece of scrap.

So two new tyres, fitter cleaned rims with fine emery and used bead sealer........sorted.

We prep....Just in case
10 November 2020, 22:27,
RE: The car
When you go through MOT do they check your emissions?

Over here that is basically their only concern in the areas where testing is necessary. My area has no "safety" test unless one is stopped by the traffic officers and they notice a broken windscreen or bald tyres.
11 November 2020, 21:09,
RE: The car
Yes MB the emissions are checked, quite stringently.

Steering.....suspension.....brakes (efficiency).....brake pipes (corrosion).....wheels.....tyres (tread depth and damage).....exhaust (leaks).....fuel system (leaks).....battery (if secure).....wiring (damage).....lights.....bodywork(corrosion).....chassis.....door locks (anti-burst incase of accident) belts.....windshield (cracks).....wipers.....washers, are all checked.

The test take around 40 minutes to complete, the computer system does not let the operator rush the test, very tightly controlled. To add insult to injury the test is compulsory but we have to pay for it Sad .

I bet you’re glad you don’t have the same.

We prep....Just in case
10 December 2020, 15:34,
RE: The car
at least it cuts out any dangerous cars with an mot, all the dangerous cars wont have an mot and probably no insurance either, so they can be found by registration number checks and taken off the road.
anyone who hasnt got an mot in the UK in an idiot and shouldnt be driving anyway.

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