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Storm Dennis
15 February 2020, 20:03,
Storm Dennis
Heavy rain and gusting high winds here right now, run off water from the mountain is cascading down my drive......I do not like the look of this lot at all .....I have some big trees all around the bungalow , they are swaying violently at the moment, I have connected some emergency lights up ,filled the Generator ,torches at the ready ....I have placed my chainsaw and fuel by the door just in case , not seen the like for many years.
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
15 February 2020, 20:23,
RE: Storm Dennis
Same problem here! Trees looking quite threatening. We are on the Fens so flooding is never far from my thoughts, although the dykes are doing their job at the moment. I have to go out in this shortly to feed livestock.... to be honest I am a bit nervous!
I don’t want to hear my neighbour but I want to see the smoke of their chimney.
15 February 2020, 21:29,
RE: Storm Dennis
I hope there’s no damage/flooding for you both, the bastard hasn’t hit us yet, expected in the early hours.

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