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The Soup Monster
30 March 2020, 08:43,
The Soup Monster
I don't know how the rest of you out there are coping with the supermarket panic-buying; I refuse to go near any more large stores for the time being. But, we need decent food to keep going, and I have resorted to the time-honoured practice of soup-making. It's amazing what you can do with a few vegetables that have been languishing in the fridge. Big favourite is good old leek and potato. It's so simple to make; tastes good and costs pennies. I found a ham hock end in my freezer last week and gleefully tossed it into the stock pot with dried split peas and a chopped up leek. It lasted 2 days for the two of us.

If anyone out there has any favourite recipes please pass them on.
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30 March 2020, 09:54,
RE: The Soup Monster
Well it's probably the most common boring soup known but I love homemade lentil soup.I make it three times a week through the winter but I don't have an exact recipe,i'm blessed with very simple tastes and can have the same meal daily and not get bored.
I'll soak a cup or thereabouts of lentils .I usually soak for at least a couple of hours.Then I'll rinse them thoroughly and put them in a pot with a diced swede.Three carrots,a Parsnip and a couple of onions and two cloves of garlic.I'll also sometimes throw some smoked gammon or bacon in too if I want more protein.Throw a chicken and vegetable stock cube in and salt and pepper to taste. I sometimes put some chilli flakes in too.
What I like about it is the ease.I usually chop up enough veg to make three batches.Then put them in freezer bags. That way I can just take a bag straight out the freezer and throw it in a big stock pot with the lentils and stock.
The easiest soup to make but I love it with a couple of crusty rolls.
30 March 2020, 11:18,
RE: The Soup Monster
Just yesterday wild child made a full stock pot ....neck of lamb, green lentils, red lentils, peal barley, butternut squash,green beans, peas, cabbage, onions, potatoes, leeks, swede, turnip, three oxo cubes , two gloves garlic, pepper and salt served for dinner with fresh baked bread ( had a job to slice the bread that fresh ) ......if anyone was in the proximity of our place around six pm last night you could be excused for thinking something of a sexual nature was being played out ! Grunting....groaning and lip slapping you Mary ....things in the ladder especially veg trying to hide in the larder or back of the fridge .....absolutely shit themselves when wild thang comes a looking ! .

Guess what’s for lunch today ! Held back the rest is in the freezer ! .
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