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Food for thought
18 April 2020, 13:38,
Food for thought
This is what you get for going against the deep state / globalists .... because they have made a complete mess of the financial global markets and the game is just about up , they decided to drop the covid 19 bomb ,firstly to kill all markets worldwide , kill jobs , kill countries , kill any fact everything bar governments .....all blame will drop on the door of covid 19 smokin gun known as the bastard the chosen one all roads lead to China .....the originator ? We are lead to believe, so the globalists decide not to waste the tragedy they created they want to rub some noses into the dirt, China strong to much production success leads into people gaining more money and becoming users of luxury goods and vehicle's and a taste for Better, plus you started to sell US Bonds and send dollars back to the USA and buying up any realty to get rid of holding the dollar , so you became the chosen one to kick things off.

Italy, so you think you also want to leave the EU ,like the UK ha ha ha have a good think little Luigi ! we will hang you out to dry.

Spain , do not even think about leaving or splitting up the country, take a good look around you.
Portugal , hello ! Refer to any of the above

Ireland ......hi paddy

UK have no deal yet you bastards so it’s a special goodbye for you , Boris was just an attention getter just letting you know who runs what

Germany , now look we tried not to make it to obvious , but stop talking to the Russians on the quite

USA , if Trump wins we are toast get them sealed indictments off of him and be sharp about it .......And tell that governor to get ready to step up we like his big mouth ......the other guy is to darn cool his teeth are too darned white.....but don’t tell Nancy .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.

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