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Leave Them At Home
23 April 2020, 01:04,
Leave Them At Home
In the spirit of the realization that people are idiots and propagate other idiots that said adult idiots can not control in any shape or fashion, the stores over here that are still open have established an almost universal policy of "NO CHILDREN ALLOWED".

One of the methods they are using is the insistence that only one person per family enter the store at a time.
26 April 2020, 00:24,
RE: Leave Them At Home
Same here. Also they have removed the smaller "Granny" shopping carts and have only a reduced number of standard carts which limit how many people can be in the store at once. One door is designated as an entrance only. Traffic flow is one-way anti-clockwise around the perimeter aisles and alternating zig-zag through the interior aisles. Arrows on the floor indicate the direction of traffic and there are painted x's every 6 feet down the aisle to indicate correct social distancing.

Each checkout aisle is similarly marked and there is a clear Plexiglas shield head high and 6 ft. wide between the cashier and the aisle next to the conveyor. The chip reader/card terminal and keyboard payment station is covered by a clear plastic sleeve the cashiers are gloved and wearing clear face shields. Masks are not mandatory, but more people wear them than not.

A local incident occurred when an eeither intoxicated or emotionally disturbed woman in the Food Lion, not wearing a mask was coughing, not covering her mouth and not maintaining distance. Customers yelled for security. An off-duty sheriff's deputy neighbor of mine gave her a verbal warning to maintain distance and to cover her mouth. The woman became irate, increasingly agitated cursing and uncooperative. The store manager arrived and asked the deputy to remove her from the store. When she wouldn't leave the deputy gave her a face full of Sabre Red, handcuffed her and removed her from the store. She was in a continuous tirade threatening to sue the store and the deputy until a patrol car arrived to take her to jail. She was charged with public intoxication and disturbing the peace. The customers watching this transpire paid for the deputy's groceries and applauded when the marked vehicle drove away with the woman.

73 de KE4SKY
"Almost Heaven" West Virginia

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