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Feed Your Preparation tins
13 August 2020, 22:08,
Question  Feed Your Preparation tins
Has anybody tried these, and are they any good? I still have a hefty stock of Mountain House meals, but (apart from the occasional tin on ebay) it seems we can't buy these any more in the UK. The FYP brand seems to be the nearest equivalent, but has anyone actually tried it?
14 August 2020, 16:01,
RE: Feed Your Preparation tins
I have looked at these products many times ....but never bought any ! Normal tinned stuff yes , price being the main barrier .....having said that dried foods ....rice , pasta , and the alike we have loads of stored in Mylar bags with Oxy absorbers .....I tend to dehydrate a fair bit of what I grow and make jams , jellies , and pickled stuff and store in glass and only glass , always in plentiful supply in our stores is salt, sugar, vinegar, oils, and a huge stock of spices just makes more sense to be in control and be able to use old proven ways to preserve foods .....btw I have thrown out loads of tinned stuff over the years the major difference here is the can / tin ....they use a special coating on the inside ....that’s why the high cost of the mega expensive stuff , which makes sense , the problem with preppers is once you got it’s done .....rotation is not maintained and you end up throwing it away...............just like SS have the means and learn how to ....preserve, pickle , and dehydrate it’s bloody cheaper .
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14 August 2020, 18:59,
RE: Feed Your Preparation tins
I agree with you, SS, and most of my stores are as you describe, but I do like to keep a range of these tins as well for two reasons:

1) Ease of cooking. This doesn't matter at the moment, but in a SHTF world with no power, there's real value in food that only needs one pan of boiling water to prepare.

2) Long life. I do rotate my stores, but also appreciate the luxury of food that can just sit on a shelf and be forgotten about until I need it. It still won't be thrown away, as I've only ever bought tins I've sampled and enjoyed, and will happily eat anything that's coming anywhere near its 25 year date.

Yes, it's expensive, and I can't afford a lot of it, but time is also a luxury and these tins certainly save it. I'm a 'belt and braces' kind of prepper, and I like to have food of both kinds!

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