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Memory Maps
16 February 2021, 00:42,
RE: Memory Maps
Thats exactly what I do Mort, I use Memory Maps a lot when I am cycling.
The OS 1:50 Topo is good enough for me as I don't need the detail of the OS 1:25. I do however combine this with the Tom Tom satellite view which gives me far more resolution and detail however the down side is the Tom Tom requires the phone network to be active. In the past Memory Maps gave you the option of buying offline satellite view but I don't see it now.
I do take on board the comments about paper maps and a compass and I have done a few training days in the Highlands walking around a forest in the pitch black with a plastic map and a compass but it's very hard to beat modern systems. If I go on the hills I also carry a Garmin Foretrex, this is my most reliable trackback option.
16 February 2021, 05:23,
RE: Memory Maps
I did enough map and compass work running patrols and calling in artillery and air strikes to last me a lifetime before I had turned 24. That was 50+ years ago.

It was not a skill, it was a requirement (just like computer skills are today), and getting lost or fumbling around with your navigation was one of the sure ways of losing the respect of your men instantly.

Since I live where everyone else wants to "bug out" too I have no need for map and compass of the area around my place. I have lived here for a decade and walked and hunted game over most of it several times over for several miles around the front door. But the days of hoofing it are now over.

I am actually using the Gaia for trail running on my Jeep and my dual sport motorcycles. My feet are ruined and I can no longer hike and after three back surgeries and a couple of heart attacks my bicycle has also been retired.

The nice thing about Gaia is that once you load it into the computer it is there until it updates on the next visit. When you load it on your phone it is not dependent on cell service, it is sat based, like Tom Tom or Garmin, just more detailed, and it works even when you are out of cell tower range.

That is my choice because all of my favorite mapping is on that platform. In the UK there might be a better offering.

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