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Simplex Repeater ADS-SR1
20 February 2021, 22:34,
Simplex Repeater ADS-SR1
So you are out in the Boonies and the only comms you have is a couple of handhelds with a few mile range. Now that might be ok if you are working local but what if you want to extend the range.
Now you may have heard of the Ham guys using repeaters but isn't that expensive and complex ?
There is another very simple method that anyone can deploy in a matter of minutes, it's called the Simplex Repeater. All it is is a standard two way radio and a digital recording device.
To use it you send a transmission on your radio and when you finish talking you hear the repeater rebroadcasting your message, a bit like an echo. Now it takes twice as long to send a message but who cares if you can extend the range by a massive amount.

In a SHTF situation you can deploy one of these on top of a 2000foot hill and instantly have 50 miles comms.
And remember it's simple, you can just connect the unit to a hand held or mobile radio and you instantly have a repeater.

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