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Finland Jama Bushcraft Blanket Shirt
24 June 2017, 18:02,
RE: Finland Jama Bushcraft Blanket Shirt
Nope, oldest of 4, but endowed with a very sensitive Bull S&!T meter that was honed to perpetual accuracy by 35 years in the educational system dealing with students, parents, teachers, administrators and government agencies.

Once you leave the government sponsored websites you find that NZ is not the advertised paradise it is held up to be unless you go with unlimited funds.

NZ dollar is worth half the Pound so average income in NZ is actually only 25k pounds. Zero hour contracts are illegal, but the norm for immigrants in any field in violation of NZ laws but totally unenforced.

You should dig into some of the stories of people that went to NZ to find exploitation and failure to enforce the labor laws of the host nation, promotions restricted to NZ citizens, maintaining the pay scale just below the limit for residency, and failure to extend the 2 year work visa even with a secure job.

Most of their immigrant population, from every nation, is of the community we refer to in the US as "snowflakes". Folks looking for a "safe place" in a fairy tale world to pursue their idealistic lifestyle where reality is suspended. Only it is not suspended, it is simply different and located on an island far from anywhere else in the world and very expensive to get away from once the cash dries up.

However, NZ does have an "Investment Visa"! It is right there on their website. If you have enough money you can buy a visa and residency.

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