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13 August 2012, 09:26,
I'm really confused, I am a prepper, my other half thinks I'm mad, He believes in having extra food in for an emergency, bad weather stopping delivery vans getting to supermarkets, unemployment and other small things. I am prepping for bigger events.
My fella believes 9/11 was an inside job, and thinks the govt are the biggest cheats and liars and con artists in the world...So why does he think if the s..t hits the fan the govt will still provide food for us?
At the most they MIGHT provide ration books or soup kitchens but I believe that will be it....
He reckons the govt will have to provide for us to keep us sweet, No system means no power and that is the aim of the govt... CONTROL.
a herd of sheep are lost without its Shepard...
What are your views?
13 August 2012, 09:45,
With the greatest respect your hubby is mistaken, the UK government no longer keeps ANY strategic reserves of food and only 90 days of fuel and thats for the military. Up to about 1990 the UK resiliance program for civil defence ensured we had 90 days reserves of meat in freezer warehouses, 90 days of grain secure locations and 90 days of fuel for priority no military traffic, Cops, Firemen, Medics, District nurses, Coast Guard, Farmers etc.

HMG got rid of the food, fuel, medical, logistical and transport reserves when the Berlin wall came down, UK domestic resiliance supplies are now entirely the 3 days supplies kept in the current supply chain held by the supermarkets.

Wether he thinks 911 was an inside job or not does he HONESTLY believe the government could feed and protect the 62 million residents of these islands, Think about it the govt USED to be able to condeemn prepppers and survivalists as HOARDERS and BLACK MARKETEERS to be condemned and prosecuted if found. But now because they have no reserves they encourage citizens since 7/7 to keep 72 hour kits and 168 hours of grub.

WHY should the govt want to keep us sweet? THEY have the guns and tanks, they have the bunkers and reserves, they have the EU to call on for foreign troops to help keep order, they control the welfare system, AND over the last 20 years the rich ruling social elite have been steadily moving into gated communities, secure rural piles or even iceberg houses in London. The government controls the ON / OFF switch for Internet, Electricity, Water, Sewage, Public Transport, Schools, Cops, Healthcare, Fodd distribution and both road and rail systems THEY HAVE US BY THE BOLLOCKS and all the brain dead tossers that ever had thoughts about a socialist state have now walked willingly into a totalitarian one instead.

Ask him why does he think theYhave been actively encouraging and manipulating the sheeple to move into easy controlable large cities for the last 40 years ?

13 August 2012, 09:50,
All good points. I have no idea about the govt, how it works etc, They pay me my child tax credits and child benifit, I spend it on feeding the family and preps, One of the good things about the U.K ...FREE MONEY......Do you think that's why we get free dosh? To try and keep the sheeple happy?
No other country throws cash away like the U.K.
13 August 2012, 09:52, (This post was last modified: 13 August 2012, 09:55 by NorthernRaider.)
BTW look at the floods in Bostacstle and the big ones in Sheffield a couple of years ago, on that day in Bostcastle EVERY available rescue chopper in England and Wales was deployed to that village leaving the rest of the UK without cover. The big floods that hit sheffield alone a couple of years ago required every available rescue appliance and specialist from a radius of over 200 miles to help, and basically they could only watch, not enough boats, no hovercraft, not enough ropes, not enough kit to stop that damaged dam from cracking. One big city used up 80 % of all available kit the EMS had, now tell me what is going to happen if the entire country is hit by a nasty event ?
We would be on our own for days / possibly weeks until mother nature eased off and not til the govt did anything. Look how the UK ground to a halt in the winter 2010/ 11 the whole country was pollaxed and the government weas helpless. In my street alone no vehicles moved for 11 days.
(13 August 2012, 09:50)Prepaday Wrote: All good points. I have no idea about the govt, how it works etc, They pay me my child tax credits and child benifit, I spend it on feeding the family and preps, One of the good things about the U.K ...FREE MONEY......Do you think that's why we get free dosh? To try and keep the sheeple happy?
No other country throws cash away like the U.K.

Its not free, its money being taken in ever greater amounts from an ever declining work force, the tax burdon on those who do work is reaching breaking point but those people claiming and constantly increasing, what happens when the money runs out?

Now go and have a look at your local working class community in the nearest big city and stop and think about what would happen if the govt stopped paying out the benefits, I would give Tottenham less than 24 hours before it went up in smoke.

13 August 2012, 10:01,
in my opinion (and im a massive sceptic of conspiracy stories) i do believe 911 was an inside job, theres just too much evidence for me that is highly irregular Tongue

and if you hubby thinks that the government are useless bastards, ask him why he wishes to rely on them when it all goes to shit?....challenge his manhood! (its a cruel trick but it works) appeal to his sense of wishing to protect and provide for his family, 9 times out of 10 a man will do his utmost to show he is both willing and able to protect and provide Smile....try and introduce prepping subtley to him, maybe just as crafting projects, or as going camping or some such Smile hiking etc.

personally i cant fathom why so many distrust the government so fervently but do not wish to acknowledge that they'd be left high and dry in a widespread emergency, it beggars belief!

i guess the best way (usually) is to simply provide a well reasoned and thorough argument/explanation of why prepping is a good thing Smile

but i think he's the one thats mad!

13 August 2012, 10:03, (This post was last modified: 13 August 2012, 10:07 by NorthernRaider.)
Just look at Spain, Portugal and Greece, ordinary white working class professionals are going hungry, prescriptions are going unfilled cos no one can afford the medical bills, children are being abandoned in European cities by parents who can no longer feed them, Food banks are opening right across the UK, 3 million are already out of work and claiming benefits and the government is running out of money. There are British families who five year wait for a council house now being told the wait is now 17 years, This island can sustain 55 to 57 million people we now have 62 million people are the seams of our society are breaking. And the governments one and only response is to piss away 9 Billion pounds on diverting the sheeples attention for a few weeks with the olympic games.
(13 August 2012, 10:01)Hrusai Wrote: in my opinion (and im a massive sceptic of conspiracy stories) i do believe 911 was an inside job, theres just too much evidence for me that is highly irregular Tongue

Your missing the point, it simply does not matter if its a conspiracy, accident, terror, aliens or the Osmonds, its been used as a tool by many governments and compounded by 7/7 to bring in ever more repressive laws to keep the sheeple subjugated. Heck they can pump 11 bullets into the head of a Brazilian tourist and get away with it cos its the fight against " terror".
Most of you do get that point mixed up, We as survivalist families have absolutely no say, no influence and no control over what goes on out there with terrs, governments socialists, speculators, We only control our family and prepper groups. We prepare to survive whatever happens.

13 August 2012, 10:40,
I treat the Guberment like my neighbours - I know they're there, they know I'm here, but we try not to have much interaction as it's not a nice experience for any involved.
13 August 2012, 10:48,
Supermarkets have a "just in time" delivery system, deliveries are programmed so that the shelves arent(usually) empty, the supermarkets DONT have a storage facility, it all comes in on the lorries and goes straight on the shelves, we are 3 days(or 9 meals) from anarchy..something stops the food coming in ..much of which is imported..then see how quickly the shelves empty....when we had the fuel strikes..our local petrol stations emptied in 24 hours and supermarkets in 48. we are only SELF SUFFICIENT (i.e. what we can grow in this country)enough to feed 16million people all the rest is imported. we as a country only keep enough gas in store for 13 DAYS once thats gone its gone. a lot of our gas and oil is imported and the supplies could just be turned off in an instant. i have this motto where food is concerned" better on my shelf than the supermarket's!"
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.
13 August 2012, 10:58,

Spot on.

The system is unsustainable and its only a matter of time till it breaks down.

Successive governments are doing everything possible to delay / avert that breakdown, but it will come I am sure.

72 de



STATUS: Bugged-In at the Bug-Out
13 August 2012, 11:13, (This post was last modified: 13 August 2012, 11:17 by NorthernRaider.)
Shit the whatitsname quantitive easing is just posh take for printing money on paper that has nothing to back it up, Just like the Weimar republic where hyper inflation entually brought down the govt and lets the Nazis into office. We are living weay beyond our means.

Every time they say they are going to cut welfare spending in inevitably goes UP, the only way to save the nation is to leave the EU, scrap the welfare state and cut the NHS to the bone.
PEOPLE ARE GOING HUNGRY IN THE UK, thats a fact, some families are dependent on CHARITY to survive. Whiulst millions claim benefits from a system they never paid into we are seeing a huge increase in the number of workers and middle class folks who were SELF EMPLOYED and paid type 2 and 4 NI but whose jobs have gone cos of the receession, BUT because they were self employed like me they are not entitled to any benefits. So whilst those who have never worked get free houses, pay no council tax and get free money etc those who worked hard and paid two lots of NI get nothing and have to rely on charity. How do you think those folks feel about the welfare state?


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