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screaming baby
4 September 2013, 20:29,
RE: screaming baby
Double tap! (Sorry - joking)
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
4 September 2013, 21:04,
RE: screaming baby
There will be lots of these situations take your pick! My best answer is I would be inclined to help , who can give a real profound answer till the situation presents will find the real you when the time comes,then live with it for the rest of your life.
Where were you going ? ....when I seen you coming back ?
4 September 2013, 21:45,
RE: screaming baby
We are all human after all, a baby crying is natures way of attracting attention.....especially humans. would take a lot to ignore this ...a lot of us are parents .....weve all been there during the night.......BUT getting a PREPPER SPIN on it ....we must evaluate the risks involved.....I don't wanna be a total bastard...but I have responsibilities to my family unit.....a dead dad is no use (other than BBQ !)to your loved ones. Okay that's my soft/vunerable side shown ......believe me there will be WORSE situations you kids friends and parents doing the rounds begging for food....a kid you know...made tea/ burgers etc for....they are crying /scared .....the mam is begging you.....and will do "anything " for a tin of soup......."I" would have to evaluate the situation....and probs help out with some food .donated anonymously !!!.....this will be the Achilles heel for a lot of takes a right in-humaine twat to ignore peoples plights during a disaster.....some will give in...some will blow opsec...etc.....I have planned round this by ear plugs for all the family/diff sizes for kids too .....REMEMBER there will be bodys of kids/babies a lot so we better get used to it and keep focused( im a doting Dad so don't paint me the nasty guy !!)...THIS IS A GOOD SCENARIO.....or a BAD one ....this is a tricky one guys..RW
5 September 2013, 00:58,
RE: screaming baby
(4 September 2013, 19:35)River Song Wrote: Hmmm


The piccy shows a preview !!!!!!

River song are you really Alex Kingston?....don't remember her having big boob's , nice yes indeedy but not big. and wouldn't they be duds unless you were currently a nursing
Nothing is fool proof for a sufficiently talented fool!!!!
5 September 2013, 02:13,
RE: screaming baby
This is one of those things where your not going to win either way.
If you give up you security to go over the road then the parents may give up that information to others to try and save there child.
If you go there and find a baby on its own for what ever reason will you take the child back to your hide out? Possibly risking everything?
Do you have the correct food and nappies to look after that child from now on?
I think if the SHTF we will all hear and see some horrific things that will be life changing.

I think you would have to decide if your intervention is actually going to help long term or just prolong the inevitable end?

This is where firm leadership within a family unit will win out which could mean the difference between becoming a victim yourself
Or survival.

Yes this is just an over view but i think i would be in a hurry to sacrifice my family for another family.

Maybe the other family should have prepared for the future instead of going to the pub every night after work?
Maybe they shouldnt have lived on there credit cards to pay for there expensive life style, designer clothes, shiny new cars on the drive?

If it was as simple as dropping some calpol or teething gel through the letterbox once it got dark then i would try to help.

Beyond that id have to pass, The main reason i prepare now is for "MY" kids. I cant save the world on my own.
If i was on my own i would probably live a different life style.

It still boils down to working out the risks at that point in time.
5 September 2013, 04:07,
RE: screaming baby
For you humanitarians; Go see about the baby, help get it quiet and sooth your family and theirs. They live across the street, they know you are there just as you know they are also.

For you non-humanitarians; That screaming baby can be heard for miles. If you can hear it so can others. It is tactically necessary to quiet this baby.

Yes, it may be a trap, treat it as such. No one says you have to march right up to the door and get your brains bashed in.

Perhaps if you had gotten to know these people this would not be an issue or a danger, but I do realize that many in this group are not that sort.

As a psychological note, if you do nothing you will alter the dynamic of your own situation permanently, and not in a good way. Women never forget these things.
5 September 2013, 08:00,
RE: screaming baby
O.K. the parents of the screaming baby are obviously going to know that it is a problem. They may be new parents and clueless or they may be unable to quiet their child for whatever reason. I'm assuming there is no way to contact them without actually marching up to the house and asking if they need help. A quick look outside will probably tell you if there are any dangers lurking in the road - you might like to risk running over to see if you can help; perhaps someone can stand guard for you. Otherwise the only thing to do is wait it out. Sometimes there are no easy solutions.

I'm told that a dummy full of gin helps.
The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
5 September 2013, 10:57,
RE: screaming baby
I don't know about the rest of you guys but I know my wife and I know my granddaughters and even if I forbade it, it wouldn't take long before one or all of them was off to help. To be honest, that would be my inclination too so yes, I would see what I could do - but very, very carefully...

10 September 2013, 12:26,
RE: screaming baby
Well, I've been thinking about this since it was posted...

What can you do?

If the parents are alive you can give them food (taken from your families supplies - you'll go hungry quicker than planned - and everyone will want a share then)

You can leave them to it and put up with the baby screaming

You could go over there to find the parents aren't about or are dead. Then what do you do? Take in a 5 month old baby? That's really going to hinder your chances. You need nappies / baby food etc.

It could even be a trap.

Where I live now the course of action would be to take some supplies over and explain that this is all you have, but the baby needs it more than you do. Although most people in the village would pull together and help everyone out.

If I lived in a city then it's going to horrible, but the threat of danger is too great to go out meddling in other peoples business. Leave them to it.
10 September 2013, 13:02,
RE: screaming baby
I stand by my previous reply.
Some people that prefer to be alone arent anti-social they just have no time for drama, stupidity and false people.

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