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Long term medication
19 June 2012, 14:56,
RE: Long term medication
Be very careful about the fish antibiotics. The % concentration is different so you will need a Mims to calculate dosage (online version here. Read the ingredients carefully, there may well be something in the carrier that is not people friendly. And finally, the antibiotic itself may not be human grade. Just a few things to think about before you put your trust in them.

Sailing away, not close to the wind.Heart
19 June 2012, 15:06, (This post was last modified: 19 June 2012, 15:12 by James Jackson.)
RE: Long term medication
will look into it in more depth, well worth consideration, when something happens i wouldnt think many people would consider pet shops
i found this site, not sure how right it will be but still.....
19 June 2012, 19:26,
RE: Long term medication
JJ, Here's a thread we had a while ago.

Sailing away, not close to the wind.Heart
19 June 2012, 20:22, (This post was last modified: 19 June 2012, 20:25 by Prepared Chick.)
RE: Long term medication
(19 June 2012, 09:55)James Jackson Wrote: would the garlic idea work with wild garlic?

I don't know - I have only tried with regular garlic and ex's blood pressure started to go down.
(19 June 2012, 09:02)Dorset Lad Wrote: Prep Chick, if you are away from your home area you can drop into any A&E and say you have left without your inhaler and they will give you one. think garlic would have to be a last resort option. I car share with a guy who I strongly suspect takes garlic tablets before work. Strongly suspect some mornings as I bury my face in my scarff!

Thanks for the suggestion on the inhalers.

If you are not actually adverse to the taste of garlic then just use copious amounts in your food - like bolonaise and grate and add to your marinating sauce to your meats etc.
19 June 2012, 20:27,
RE: Long term medication
i know uk has lots of wild garlic so was curious
27 August 2018, 19:14,
RE: Long term medication

I came across your forum when also looking at how I could store Thyroxine (T4) incase of problems around Brexit. I'm on quite an high dose as I was born with mine not working at all, so it's not just a little bit under where I may get away with missing a dose or two.

I just wanted to say incase anyone in UK was also on T4 that there is a site selling T4 and you don't need a prescription. It comes from Bulgaria and is levothyroxine sodium (T4). The site usually sells it to body builders who used T3 for dropping weight before competitions but they have found excessive T3 causes muscle loss whereas T4 does not have as many side effects. I'm not suggesting taking it if you have a normal thyroid! I'm just mentioning it incase anyone on here is in my situation and worried about not being able to get enough T4 during/after Brexit chaos

As you know in UK T4 is a prescription-only medication. I was about to get some shipped from the US but it was going to cost alot more with import tax and airmail on top!

If you are currently on Levothyroxine its the T4 you want, unless you are specifically on T3 too or a combination tablet. I did not need a prescription to buy it! In payment option I just left my paypal address and they invoice you. It comes via Bulgarian post/Royal Mail.

Just thought i'd mention it incase anyone on it long term was panicking.


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