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survival courses!
1 August 2012, 21:06,
RE: survival courses!
well there are some great points here, i know for certain i'd be taking any courses i did do once, then practising the skills till i can do them blindfolded, and then keep practising.

i'm probably going to go in the wild and practise what i read and such like as much as i can do, i must admit joining the military is becoming an increasingly attractive idea, but ned made a great suggestion that i think might suit me alot better ^^ and fit in....cheers for the input guys, i think its helped me get a much clearer idea of how i wnt to go about getting more hands on experience Smile
1 August 2012, 22:09,
RE: survival courses!
There was one in Scotland by that bloke that wrote the SAS urban/survival handbook. I dont recall his name off the top of my head buy he was legit. It was something like £500 ish for a 5 day course in Scotland. That was a whole package with the level 1, 2 and 3 type survival. You have to have had level 1 before you do 2 and so on. If you had the cash, it seemed something nice/cool/useful to do. Some people at work told me I could go to some place sunny and warm with a pool for a week and have £200 left over.. but that wouldn't teach you anything.

A few have said that yeah, you are paying for something and hes getting the benefits... but it might still be something fun and relevant and more likely to be of use than jumping out of a plane.

Despite its complete lack of use I've always fancied doing a close protection course. Or something similar to this
That isn't the one I found that I liked, but you can do Glock training or Ak47 or long gun type training in the EU.

There is also a course at St Andrews in terrorism studies I keep getting emails about. (It was £2000 for a 16 week e-learning course with a legitimate qualification).

A lottery win would fill my CV with all sorts of interesting stuff. (Plus I'd buy land and a house etc and prep the crap out of it.)
2 August 2012, 15:08,
RE: survival courses!
lofty wiseman i do believe! i know cause thats the guy running the links i posted xD his course was the one with airplane jump to simulate a high stress situation Smile

but that link you posted looks very interesting, upto now all my close quarters defence plans have involved learning eskrima, so i suppose it would be a good idea to get more proficient with various types of firearms, although it may be of limited use, its all about being versatile right!

really, terrorism studies? that just sounds very odd to be honest xD

heh what we'd all do with a lottery win xD personally i'd build a mansion and buy myself the title of baron and just lord over my land all day xD
2 August 2012, 15:12,
RE: survival courses!
I bought some land in Scotland and now I'm a lady....Smile Only thing is...The land is about 4cm by 4cm lol, Can't pitch/build much on that.
Keeping with the subject though..I can't go out into the woods with my family to practice because my 6 year old has spesh needs and would probs sneeky away in the middle of the night, I can go on my own but to scared so a survival course is what I would be after, Price not to important so long as it's worth the experience I gain Smile
2 August 2012, 15:41,
RE: survival courses!
peace of mind is an important thing to have, and if it means spending some extra monies, so be it!

silly as it may sound, i always used to be scared going out in the middle of the night on my own Tongue...but just going out and doing it really helps get over that, similar to how ive always been scared sh*tless of heights, for the last few weeks ive been deliberatly going out on my roof to have a cigarette, and whilst its not a huge drop or anything i was always too scared to do so, but now i do it alot im not scared at all Smile....the best way to overcome your phobias is to just do things anyway...of course you can just ease into it slowly, take a friend with you for the first few times Smile....either way though, if TSHTF you'll need to be comfortable enough on your own outdoors as well as with a group!

oooh 4x4! personally i'd just take the approach of ok, i own 4cmx4cmx 3950 miles but thats still not very useful lol....just hope the 4x4 is right in the middle of a perfect building spot for some else who owns all the land around your bit!

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