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Most violent area
24 April 2013, 20:29,
RE: Most violent area
(24 April 2013, 18:27)Jack Wrote: According to BBC news on right now the worse place in Britain is lewisham and the least northumberland...

There's truth to what you say Mort, two large groups in London organised a clash over Facebook and one of the kids got stabbed and killed, deserves him right, I'm sure if it wasn't him then he'd have been involved n another's murder in the same fight... What made me laugh was the reporter sounded like he was trying to make excuses for the lad that got slotted by saying the group he was with had to flee as they where severely under armed...

Lewisham is a complete shit hole take my word for it
Todays mighty oak is just yesterdays nut that held its ground
In the land of the blind the one eyed man is king
24 April 2013, 21:23,
RE: Most violent area
Back in 1968, when I wore flared wrangles cheese cloth shirt sandals and had bells on my jeans long hair, you would walk down the high street and OLD people say 45-55 years old would get out your way, as if you had leprosy, I remember thinking WHY I am walking down the same high street , and I am the OLD guy slipping to one side, is it the same ...a generation thing.... hard to say, I can still remember THE TEDDY BOYS before the hippies, lots of violence at the local dances with stiletto knifes being brandished about like some fashion accessory, I was a rocker first because of lack of chicks so done a 180 and became a mod with a lambreta LI 125 with loads of mirrors .....still no chicks, the point is , there have always been bad areas , no go zones , its not new , but with the way things are with measures being imposed is it no wonder that violence and gang culture will increase exponentially, the other point is how the social fabric of modern society and the perceived way people lead their lives that they take as normal, they interlinked weather we like it or not cannot sort one out without the other that's the paradox or should I say the enigma .
To take a look back in times past, its easy to see future direction you need to be.
24 April 2013, 21:28,
RE: Most violent area
(24 April 2013, 17:57)Mortblanc Wrote: What winds up happening many times is that one small area will be incredably violent and two blocks away people will be walking their dogs at night and playing with their kids on the sidewalks.

The city 30 miles up the road had one area of a single mile square that is ranked as one of the top 5 most dangerous places in the U.S. annually. Two blocks away the city philharmonic orchastra holds posh carity events.

Portions of that city are incrdibly violent with 200+ murders each year, but they all come from one or two small areas, usually by repeat offenders and we are talking 200 or less murderers out of a population of 1 1/2 million.

9 times out of 10 the people that get killed needed killing, so the death toll of innocents is only 2-3 a year! Oddly enough, that is about the number of murders tptb solve annually!

I think there is a concerted effort to let them thin out their own ranks.

In my own area, only 30 miles away, we had a murder about 4 years back when a drug addled junkie killed his father over money he wanted to buy heroin.

Our biggist crime is burglry (30-40 break ins annually), and our biggist violent crime is simple assualt at the rate of 12-15 incidents per year (usually someone getting tanked and slapping their wife around).

Population in my county is about 40,000 and we cover about 600-800 sq/mi.

People from the city dio not come out here and mess with us. Lack of concrete to walk on confuses them and they are scared of the dark and we have no street lights.

I agree with what you say a five min walk in one direction from me is an area considered rough a five min walk in the other direction is a nice area where it will cost 500k for a house that's Glasgow for you and many other places by the sound of it.Huh
25 April 2013, 13:18,
RE: Most violent area
people still get out of my way, dont speak, dont make eye contact and i'm 65! still suits me i'm an anti social sod anywayBig Grin i'm going out with the dog in a minute, out my front door, turn right, 20 seconds walk and i am out in the countryside-no people-suits me fine!!!Tongue
9 May 2013, 19:46,
RE: Most violent area
I'm in Hampshire loads of army barracks the worst we seem to get is fighting although there have been a couple of stabbings and 2 rapes
10 May 2013, 09:23,
RE: Most violent area
I think where i live is one of the worst places in the country. A few months ago a car was scratched which sent shock waves throughout the community. Smile

In all seriousness I live in a crime free area really except the odd bike being knicked from sheds. A few months ago there were a few burglaries and last year we had a murder. The victim and the murderer were both from out of town so I don't think that counts really.
10 May 2013, 09:40,
RE: Most violent area
the only real crime we had here was a couple of years ago a gang came down from the Midlands and did over the one and only ATM machine using a stolen forklift! apart from that we get maybe 1 burglary a year.

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