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lets try this wake up...
11 June 2013, 14:30,
RE: lets try this wake up...
Hmm. It's an odd question to ask on a Preppers' forum, when no prepper would ever find themselves in such a situation with such limited kit. But if you're not interested in prepping so much as computer game scenarios then I can perhaps see the attraction.

There are two main answers:

1. The Preppers' Solution

If you're going to be rescued in 28 days then you don't need to worry about food. If you'd like it anyway, then there's a wooded area (and the OP cunningly omits to say what trees or plants, really almost as if it doesn't matter!!!) Failing anything edible there, you make hooks from the bra, use paracord for the line, use seagulls' feathers for the lure or worms for the bait, and fish.

But it doesn't matter if you fail. In 28 days all you need is shelter and water. Shelter is easy - you have a standing wall and a wooded area, and everyone here knows how to make a basic lean-to shelter, especially with a good knife to cut the wood.

Water is the key. Ideally there would be rock pools as River Song says, but really they shouldn't be necessary. Anyone with even the faintest historical awareness will tell you that there would never at any time have been a settlement here without a well. Even if it's long disused and buried with time, you can find it by dowsing or following the deeper shade of green in grass and foliage, dig it out with rocks sharpened by your knife, and bring up water with paracord and mess tin.
Even supposing this isn't a serious question and we have to suppose there's no well, then water is still easy by desalination. You can make fire with knife and ferro-rod, and if no suitable vegetation lends itself to tinder then you rip open the teddy bear and use the kapok. If the kapok is dried with age, then you rub it between your palms to get the necessary oiliness to catch a spark. Once you have the fire, then your mess kit provides the necessary two containers to boil salt water, and the inside of your snugpak smock provides the cold surface for the condensation to form and drip down into your waiting container. Result = potable water.

2. The Other Answer

Well done, Twisted Puppy. You've already insulted everyone on this forum and called them a bunch of spammers in your own 'welcome thread', and that means you've insulted a lot of people I respect. SD says we must play nice, so I've tried to give a genuine answer to your basic 'Idiots Guide' question, but if you posted it just in the hope of making us all look silly then I'm afraid there's only one person looking like a twat round here, and it sure as hell isn't us.
Just saying.Big GrinBig GrinBig Grin
11 June 2013, 14:37,
RE: lets try this wake up...
I think what he said what that we are all talking shit!TongueBig Grin
11 June 2013, 14:52,
RE: lets try this wake up...

That ain't no way for lady to talk. didn't ya mama tell u nuffink?

But I'm going to add a +1 to your rep out of respect !

11 June 2013, 15:09,
RE: lets try this wake up...
Sounds like a bad weekend to end up in that situation! Or an absolutely awesome one!!!

Trees = shelter/shelter-materials. Considering it's not your island, and you're going to be rescued, I'd be cautious of causing criminal damage by cutting down trees. Last thing you want is to be rescued one day and arrested on the way home. Stupid endangered trees!!!

As SD says. But for me, I go, shelter first, then fire. Probably would be helpful to get off the beach too. Maybe find a high point and look around, to see what's available. Settle down for a nights sleep, using a long log fire for warmth during the night...provinding there is sufficient dry wood available, and it's not raining....we all know what Scotland is like for that (assuming we are still in Scotland).

Before bed, I'd scout about and check for the boat too. No point going too far from the shore, as that's where I'll be rescued from.

Would then use embers from the fire to burn a small wooden bowl, and a cup, just before sleeping. After that, I'd probably be settling down for the night...remembering to set a line of rocks in an arrow shape, to show where the sun set. That'll give me a West bearing.

Day 2, wake up and get my East bearing. Then use that as a quick guide compass. Followed shortly by a rock smashing together to make arrow heads, session. Shortly met with an arrow making session. These arrows will be for food, like fish, etc.

Don't forget to mark up a big 3 circles in a visible area as a sign to be rescued.

After that, build better shelter, cook food, source water, and practice the skills I already know, while practicing new skills I want to improve on.

Day 2, check where the sun rises.
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11 June 2013, 15:30,
RE: lets try this wake up...
I'll just curl up with my teddy bear and cry for my mommy!

Well, probably not. Water - shelter - food, in that order. I'm not sure I'd build a big fire on the beach. Until I found out what was going on, it may be to my advantage NOT to advertise my presence.
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11 June 2013, 15:38,
RE: lets try this wake up...
How could you ever tire of abusing stranded Somali pirates?
Imagine the fun you can have...Tongue
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11 June 2013, 22:19,
RE: lets try this wake up...
The post is to sophisticated for me ...and no I do not want to try it again.
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11 June 2013, 22:29,
RE: lets try this wake up...
I think this is done.

just like TwistedPuppy.
Skean Dhude
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