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can you ride a horse
5 August 2013, 09:23,
RE: can you ride a horse
(4 August 2013, 23:53)Sunna Wrote: unless we can turn oil into petrol ,get it here from the middle east or north sea horses will be worth more than burger meat .

We can power many modern vehicles on LPG produced locally, Ethanol produced locally and bio diesel also produced locally but motor vehicles are definately going to be greatly restricted due to fuel supply issues. Horse and Beast drawn equipment will thrive as will the resurgent canal boats and heritage steam railways.

One horse can carry a few bags of grain on its back but can pull a ton on a trailer, that same horse can pull over 50 tons if its pulling a canal barge.

Logistics is going to be a major issue after TSHTF this is why I have constantly been urging preppers who relocate to a better position to try and find a house within reasonable proximity to a canal, navigable river or preserved railway.

5 August 2013, 09:34, (This post was last modified: 5 August 2013, 09:51 by bigpaul.)
RE: can you ride a horse
I don't envisage seeing much in the way of motor vehicles post collapse, I know its possible to make ethanol and bio diesel but I think you need to be a scientist and to know what your doing, even Dick Strawbridge had quite a set up to be able to do it and that's with a ready available supply of old chip fat and the like, post collapse this probably wont be available, which is where 4 legged transport is going to come into its own.
5 August 2013, 10:19,
RE: can you ride a horse
On our local radio that are just discussing bicycles and the huge surge in popularity among commuters as well as liesure riders (I just call them targets, mobile organ doners or rolling speed bumps Smile ) Sales of bikes have rocketed in recent years but one of the chaps talking is saying that many of the bikes available are really of quite poor build and quality and are expected only to last about three years before they fail in some major way. He is reccomending people spend a bit more on a better quality ( not chinese I guess) bikes either new or second hand and restore them. I reckon common sense dictates to preppers to invest in puncture proof tyres at least which should greatly extend the operational life of our bikes.

I reckon bikes will be popular most where there are roads and paths and cycleways to use, but in areas like Scotland, Lakes, Wales, Dales and SW where there are lots of open moors ponies will probably be more useful.

5 August 2013, 10:36, (This post was last modified: 5 August 2013, 10:40 by bigpaul.)
RE: can you ride a horse
like this?:

click on your own area from the list on the right.
5 August 2013, 20:25,
RE: can you ride a horse
Haha, this could be an interesting debate. Best friend used to breed horses and the wife had horses as a child.

One thing that always makes me laugh, hacking is simple enough. Most horses that people ride are not 'real horses' so to speak. They're trail horses, that just follow whatever's infront of them. They will be used to certain routes and following other horses. If this is what you're used to, like I am, you're in the same situation as me, under the illusion that you can ride a horse.

Until you're rode a horse that is used to open ground, that you actually have to control, then you're just kidding yourself. Riding a horse is one of those things that will cause pain. Strong thighs are REQUIRED! Expect an aching back, and a sore bum, if you don't do it right. If you do it right, you can take away the aching back and sore bum. But your thighs will be killing you if you're not used to it.

If you want to start horse archery....HAHA, good luck with that one!!!
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5 August 2013, 21:03,
RE: can you ride a horse
I can ride and I can also ride bareback (you will get very sore doing this). Used to knock around with the gypos in my teens. Always in and out of stables now getting manure and as they know I can ride good enough so I am not likely to be injuring myself or the horse, I get asked to help out with exercising now and again. When I have time I do, but time is one of those things that I do not have a lot of.
5 August 2013, 23:43,
RE: can you ride a horse
I owned horses for most of my life. Sold the last of my stock in 2001.

As I aged I realized I was enjoying riding in a cart more than riding on the horse.
18 September 2014, 14:18,
RE: can you ride a horse
I have two horses(mothers a pony really only13.1) welsh mountain and a section d , the son is 15.2.....I can ride but neither is suitable due to my weight....looking into breaking the mare to ride and drive as she pulls like a Sherman tank is very forward going and completely bomb proof.....would like a Clydesdale cross or a percheron as a rider for me but funds don't currently permit.
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18 September 2014, 14:33,
RE: can you ride a horse
i wonder since i first posted this thread how many of us have had a go at riding a horse , we all thought they would be important after shtf.
i bet none of us [me too] thats the down side to prepping only doing what is cool , big knives , best tent , all the macho stuff .
we need to get away from macho man in camo mindset and more into growing food learning old crafts.
when you grubs run out and your boots have worn out .

what then...

im the same.
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18 September 2014, 14:52,
RE: can you ride a horse
stored food and gear is okay up to a point, but nothing we store will last for ever post SHTF, skills and knowledge will be the key to long term survival.

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