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Sawyer mini water filter.
16 January 2014, 19:34,
RE: Sawyer mini water filter.
There's a thread going over on uk preppers regarding a bulk buy of straws but it is now hopefully/possibley being turned into a Sawyer bulk buy.
Fingers crossed.
31 January 2014, 19:20,
RE: Sawyer mini water filter.
Should be here Monday Big Grin

[Image: SP194-500x500.jpg]
PLEASE NOTE: The post above contains no truths. It's all bullshit scavenged from the darkest corners of a lunatic mind. Dribble dribble dribble. Woof woof woof.
22 May 2017, 12:11,
RE: Sawyer mini water filter.
Excellent kit,brought some as presents for the family last Christmas.

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