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Pork tenderloin
14 January 2017, 23:06,
Pork tenderloin
Rained all night and looks like it will keep up for the day. No going out for anything so why not make the house smell good?

I bought a pork tenderloin on offer real cheap earlier in the week and decided now was the time to cook it.

I remembered a time a decade ago when my late wife cooked one of these over the campfire in a dutch oven so I decided to do that rather than the slow roast everyone normally does. Of course with this weather I am restricted to the hob in the kitchen and what pots and pans I can find.

I seared the meat in a cast iron skillet using bacon grease, garlic and onions. After that I transferred the meat to a pot along with the saute onions and garlic bits. Cooked it for 45 minutes more.

When it was finished I added a package of seasoned wild rice and a package of frozen green peas.

I gave the mess a taste test a moment ago and it is a dish fit to eat, so supper is done for tonight.
15 January 2017, 19:27,
RE: Pork tenderloin
Right up my street MB ......yesterday morning my wife cut up a pile of veg and threw it into a 5 ltr pot wacked it on the wood stove it simmered away all day , adding the beef and other stuff through out the day the smells filled the room i toiled away outdoors and being called in for coffee's the torment of anticipation reminded me when she was seventeen and in that red mini least i don't get smacked in the mouth these days.
The ability to laugh at yourself while you learn is a great attribute.
17 March 2017, 18:29,
RE: Pork tenderloin
Sounds good MB, next time lift the loin out of the pan and and come cider (or dry white wine) and make a sauce/gravy from this stock, its a match made in heaven.
23 October 2017, 03:44,
RE: Pork tenderloin
Glad I came across this. This is definitely a mouthwatering recipe. Smile

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