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Faraday Cage Sleeves
25 February 2017, 18:05,
RE: Faraday Cage Sleeves
As for someone obtaining personal information from one's phone...

Any file can be password protected and should be if it contains personal information. thousands of phones are lost daily. The chances of you lying your phone down and walking away without it are far greater than being hacked, which is nearly impossible with today's password protection,

Just ask our FBI. They worked to unsuccessfully break into several terrorists phones for several weeks and finally had to ask help from Apple.

Now, if you have things on your regular phone content and use that should not be that is another matter. You will have to deal with the text messages to your drug dealer, or covert messages to and from your boyfriend/girlfriend on your own.
27 February 2017, 18:35,
RE: Faraday Cage Sleeves
Its well worth keeping more than one smartphone in different locations. Making phone calls mean nothing in some respects, the phone has GPS, offline maps, compass, flashlight, movies, music et al...they are a very handy tool to have.

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