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6 October 2018, 16:19,
RE: Realisation
I started young, age 13 during the Cuban Missile Crisis! I started stockpiling knowledge and gear and have never stopped.

I agree with Pete, we just talk about it more.

We also get on internet forums of this nature more often. If you get involved with the Yahoo and Facebook networks there are serious groups of young "preppers" communicating there. They just do so as a running conversation with instant text message replies using their phones as the mechanical medium.

While we old codgers cling to our flip phones, walkie-talkies, CB radios and land lines the young folks are using Android devices to talk survival while in the car, at the office or in the woods and they are sourcing the devices as primary survival tools.

All of the internet message board forums such as this one have nearly died. There used to be dozens of active forums with thousands of members, and now there are only a handful due to the shift in media useage, not the lack of communicators.
6 October 2018, 20:36,
RE: Realisation
(6 October 2018, 16:19)Mortblanc Wrote: .......While we old codgers cling to our flip phones, walkie-talkies, CB radios and land lines........

MB that sums me up completely......old codger......i don’t do smart phones and mobile internet.......i like to use an ipad on a comfy chair in front of a nice fire with glass of single malt not to far away.

Oh by the way how did you know i was pear shape ?, I know i could afford to loose a few pounds but i don’t think it was it was noticeable ?
7 October 2018, 15:16,
RE: Realisation
In the past year I have lost much of my pear shape. The exercise bike sitting in front of the window now has 3000 miles more on the clock than it did when I bought it last year.

I am down 25kg during that time.

I have also been called to embrace the I phone. I had to switch plans and a new phone came free. With that new phone I discovered a larger screen for easier texting, the ability to use the phone just like you do your "Pad", sat-nav on the phone, walie-talkie apps, google access for checking wild claims at the liars' club, music of my own choice at any time and all of the apps one could ever imagine, and hundreds of games if one is into that. I also have video, photographs, and audio recording functions so I can sit in a meeting and record or video the proceedings with the phone in my shirt pocket.

Personally, I think it is the games on the phone that cause people the most trouble, not text or talking. 3/4 of the people you see with their nose buried in the screen are actually playing Candyland.
7 October 2018, 18:14,
RE: Realisation
Congratulations on loosing 25k MB you’ve done well.

With your new iphone you have really gone high tech, in the old days you would be described as “with it” but i don’t think the term is used now.

Our son is a real techie he uses his iphone to control his home from wherever he is working in the world, God bless Tim Berners-Lee.

Myself, old codger that i am, will keep my old flip phone as long as i can.

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