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Straight Shooters stir fry
19 November 2019, 20:40,
Straight Shooters stir fry
Meat …….any 600 grams
sweet peppers four
onions 2 white 2 red
mushrooms eight medium
fresh garlic gloves four
chilli peppers 2 red 1 green
white/red wine depending on meat quarter of a glass
fresh ginger about 1 inch cube
knob of butter
two good glugs of veg oil
soy sauce 2 table spoons


Chicken fillets ….slice into strips 5mm wide
sweet peppers...remove cores and seed slice flesh int 5mm strips
onions clean slice rings 5mm then cut in half
mushrooms slice into 5mm slithers
chilli peppers remove seed cut length wise thin 3mm strips
ginger slice and dice small as you can

I always get every ingredient ready to go


Using a deep frying pan or wok

place pan on heat add butter and oil
throw in the ginger wait 1 min then using a garlic press use all the garlic gloves
add the soy Source
throw in all the meat slices and coat after 5 mins add the chilli peppers
then add all the onions stir and coat up
add the wine giving a stir allow the alcohol to boil out about 4 min
add the mushrooms and stir in 3 min
add the sweet peppers and stir in allow to soften up but not squidgy

pop some quick rice in the microwave ,warm four plates

serve up the rice then ladle the stir fry over the top of the rice .

MEN! be careful ! ladies are so impressed they have a tendency to turn into sexual predators almost immediately after consuming this lot …..Hey ! have mercy !
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